Kin Shop Is Now Serving Lunch


Since it opened in mid-October, Harold Dieterle’s Kin Shop has been enjoying some pretty strong informal reviews from Yelpers, Chowhounders, and Serious Eaters alike. As of today, the modern Thai restaurant is open for lunch with a menu that’s a slightly stripped-down version of its dinner menu. It’s served 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. every day, and also includes a $20 three-course prix fixe. You can see the menu after the jump.

Salads & Soups

Spicy Duck Laab Salad* 13
toasted rice, ground chili & romaine hearts

Hand Cut Beef Tartar 14
chili jam, rice crackers, quail egg & mushroom soy dressing

Pumpkin & Bibb Salad 9
pumpkin seeds & asian pear-peppercorn vinaigrette

Fried Pork & Crispy Oyster Salad 12
celery, peanuts, mint & chili-lime vinaigrette

Steamed Pork Meatball Soup 12
crispy garlic, bok choy shoots & black soy sauce

Garam Masala & Tomato Soup 9
tofu, mung beans & holy basil


Stir Fry of Aquatic Vegetables 9
water spinach, water chestnuts & watercress

Selection of Grilled Eggplant 8
rice pearls, fish sauce & mint

Preserved Siamese Watercress & Mustard Greens 8

Noodles & Curries

Pan Fried Crab Noodles 21
vermicelli noodles, yellow chives, roasted chili & tatsoi

Fresh Egg Noodle & Maitake Mushroom Broth 14
poached duck egg, baby leeks & spinach

Stir Fried Wide Wonton Noodles 15
chicken sausage, thai broccoli rabe & oyster sauce

Massaman: Braised Goat Stew 19
fried shallots, purple yams, mustard greens & toasted coconut

Jungle: Bamboo Shoots 17
pickled green peppercorns, baby corn, bitter melon & wood ear mushrooms

Green: Steamed Fluke 22
cashews, bok choy & kabocha squash

Rice & Condiments

Jasmine Rice 3
Chili Jam 3
Cucumber Relish 3
Eggplant Chutney 3
Crispy Roti 5