Legendary San Diego Hardcore Band Unbroken Are Reuniting At Santos Party House in April


One more name to take off the ’90s Bands That Haven’t Reunited list, we guess. Foundational San Diego act Unbroken were the crossover-metal predecessors to much of the Gravity Records and Three One G-sponsored screaming hardcore that dominated a small sector of independent music in the early ’90s — members of the band would go on to form Swing Kids, Struggle, Some Girls, etc. and help spawn the scene that ultimately spawned the Locust. Guitarist Eric Allen, who went on to play in Swing Kids with Locust frontman and Three One G-founder Justin Pearson, later committed suicide; since then the two bands have played the occasional reunion show together in his memory, most recently in May of last year. But Unbroken haven’t been in New York since the nineties. That’s about to change: they’re playing a newly announced show at Santos Party House on April 9th; tickets are on sale now. Be as cynical as you like but Universal Order of Armageddon, to take another random example of a reunited punk act from the last decade, absolutely slayed when they played here a couple months ago.

Get in the mood by checking out Pearson’s memoir of hardcore and San Diego in the ’90s, From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry. (Unbroken’s Rob Moran: “Scraping the ground where the barrel of life used to be, Graveyard is an offensive, charming, funny and most importantly, a sincere look at a life you couldn’t make up.”) Still waiting for the ultimate San Diego hardcore band, Drive Like Jehu, to reunite though…

Unbroken playing NYC [Brooklyn Vegan]

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