Morning Links: Jane Pratt and Tavi Gevinson to Create Sassy 2.0; Charlie Rangel’s Ethics Hearing Begins


 Sassy founder Jane Pratt and fashion blogger/wunderkind Tavi Gevinson are joining forces to create a teen magazine informed by the Sassy vibe of not sucking, per Gevinson. There will be three print issues per year, along with a website. We’re kind of excited. [WWD]

• Alaska Elections Division Director Gail Fenumiai is the one charged with counting all the write-in ballots for Lisa Murkowski. She’s still counting. [NPR]

• A number of “key” New York electoral races also still remain undecided, including two Congressional and three Senate races. [NYT]

• Representative Charlie Rangel will face the Congressional ethics committee today over 13 allegations, including “not properly accounting for his financial assets, failing to pay taxes on rental income he owned in the Dominican Republic and using Congressional stationary to solicit money for a school to be named in his honor.” It’s thought that he will defend himself. [WNYC, NY1]

• Tony Chan, the “megamillionaire feng shui master” who was the spiritual adviser/boyfriend of Nina Wang, Asia’s richest woman (and who is alleged to have offered up a forged will upon her death making him the sole heir to her fortune) may h…s-hearing-begins/ave been bilked out of $800,000 by a car-service driver for a 13-mile trip to Teterboro Airport. [NYP]

• The old rainbow “Hell, Yes,” is gone, and Isa Genzken’s Rose Sculpture is now up at the New Museum on the Bowery. [Bowery Boogie]

• Here is a standoff between a badass cat and an alligator. (No one gets eaten). Happy Monday! [Cynical-C]