President Obama Finally Immortalized as a Chia Pet


What’s the ultimate form of terrible, tawdry, pop culture tribute? If you’re President Obama, until today, you probably thought it was a vibrator made in your physical likeness. But oh, how wrong you were.

As sighted by the Voice‘s own Steven Thrasher, file this one under “Perfect Gift for Sociopathic Person Who Has Plants Instead of Cats in Your Life.” It’s disturbing:

It’s not new, as indicated by — where it actually has a decent rating — but it’s now apparently being sold in drug stores. As in, not just something sold only at 3AM when you’re asking yourself the most patently despondent questions one could possibly ask one’s self. That said, hopefully you’ve asked yourself these same questions during the day if you actually end up buying this. And, like one reviewer at, you have a problem like this when you do:

Anyway, the product itself has one major shortcoming, and it has to do with the way the piece itself is designed. All of Obama’s “hair” is on the top part of the chia pet, with a rather large amount of neck and base that you do nothing with.

America, you are just weird sometimes.