Robyn Is Playing Radio City Music Hall


It’s been a real We Did It sort of day, with various Internet phenoms beknighted by various ivory-tower institutions that once seemingly loomed far above them: New Simplicity leading lights Cults signed to Columbia, Das Racist and Odd Future carefully considered by the New Yorker, the world fully processing the “Jay Electronica signed to Roc Nation/declared a wizard” thing. Some of these new partnerships are going to work out great, and some will not. And while rising/sinking/rising again pop star Robyn’s trajectory is way longer and way more schizophrenic, it’s currently on a huge upswing: She’s playing Radio City Music Hall early next year.

February 5, 2011, to be exact, with tix on sale Friday. Whatever you think of her ongoing Body Talk EP series — “withering into treble,” is one less laudatory opinion — in concert Robyn “calls forth some mash-up of Pat Benatar’s no-nonsense attitude and Cyndi Lauper’s devotion to breezy fun” and compels grown men to hug each other. So enjoy that.