The Coney Island Boardwalk Army Meets Tonight to Fight the Concrete Menace of Change with…Recycling.


Many people — especially Brooklynites — are of the opinion that Coney Island is going to gentrified culture-dead hell, as a bunch of classic Coney businesses are being given the boot by its new owners. Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz knows, and kinda cares. But what of the actual boardwalk we hear now may be replaced by concrete?

Well, someone cares.

Via Amusing the Zillion, the Rainforest Relief and New York Climate Action Group — say that five times fast — is handing out English and Russian-language fliers to Coney visitors to inform them of the following meeting, meant to help start the movement to preserve, if anything, the literal ground that Coney is on. Or at least, if not preserve it, than use TreeHugger materials instead of the typical New York Mob-Front Concrete Industry™.

From what we can gather, the RRNYCAG (?) wants to use recycled lumber and green building materials to revitalize the Coney Island boardwalk.

Join us for an evening of informative presentations by some of the nation’s leading experts on the use of recycled plastic lumber and domestic woods in boardwalk construction and decking. We have solutions that respect the look and feel of a traditional boardwalk and can make New York City’s Boardwalk a model for an exciting, sustainable future.

It’s not an entirely bad idea!

But given the hopeless nature of the trials Coney Island has faced thus far, probably unlikely. Still, if you want to support the initiative, here’s the information to help you yell at nobody in a room full of people here.