Twitter’s #famouscheese List Heats Up, Turns Into Fondue, Disappears


Eight hours ago, I received the first of a massive wave of tweets adding to a list called #famouscheese. The first one was from Jonathan Gold (@thejgold), but I can’t be sure he started it. The purpose of the list was to pun by merging cheese and celebrity names, and soon the tweets were flying thick and fast. Other contributors in rapid order included Sam Sifton (@SamSifton) and Eatocracy’s Kat Kinsman (@kittenwithawhip). Following is a choice selection of tweets in chronological order. By 2 pm, the phenomenon had tanked; it seems the food writers had run out of cheeses, or maybe they decided it was time to do some work.

thejgold: Wensleydale Earnhardt Jr. #famouscheese

thejgold: The Reblochon Will Not Be Televised #famouscheese

SamSifton: Feta Kuti #famouscheese

kittenwithawhip: Edam 12, Gouda Times, Who’s the Epoisse? #famouscheese #cheesetv

kittenwithawhip: Also? Brie’s Company, Funky Muenster, The Fresh Prince of Bel Paese #famouscheese #cheesetv

SamSifton: Mozzarella Fitzgerald. #famouscheese

kittenwithawhip: RT @_nalini_: afrika burraataa, chevre chase #famouscheese

kittenwithawhip: Greg Paneer #famouscheese

subzerospy: @kittenwithawhip The Roquefort Files #cheesetv

kittenwithawhip: Yes. Yes I did. And NYPD Bleu RT @JenScHi: Don’t you mean The Fresh Prince of Gruyère? #famouscheese #cheesetv

kittenwithawhip: Raclette Welch #famouscheese

thejgold: Arthur Brie and Love #famouscheese

thejgold: Wabash Cannonball Adderley #famouscheese

thejgold: Quesillo Affleck #famouscheese

aaron_foster: Ste Maurey Povich #famouscheese

_nalini_: st. andre 3000, feta james, panela fitzgerald, ke$hkaval. want to make a vlasskass/ras kass mashup but that ship’s sinking #famouscheese

MarriedWDinner: Emmental Thompson, Dry Jackie Kennedy, Bertie Worcester, Ricotta Springfield, Halloumi Holbrook, La Vache Qui Rit Drummond #famouscheese

amyhordes: @kittenwithawhip President Cheddar B. Arthur #famouscheese

amyhordes: Henry, Jane, Peter and Bridget Fondue. #famouscheese

JThur01: Alex Stilton #famouscheese

MyCutsAndBurns: I know, it’s stale, but now my mind is in cheese mode… #famouscheese Goudini