Urban Sharecropping All the Rage; The City’s Best Doughnuts


Urban sharecropping is the latest twist to the farm-to-table movement, in which homeowners get matched with would-be farmers who don’t themselves have gardening space. [Wall Street Journal]

Mayor Bloomberg’s favorite diner, Viand Café, was slapped with 36 violation points in its latest inspection, earning it a dreaded C grade from the Health Department. [NY Post]

Is the fashion world food obsessed? Vogue‘s September issue featured David Chang and the Barneys holiday windows will star Anthony Bourdain and Paula Deen. [Wall Street Journal]

The New York outpost of Dans le Noir?, which will serve meals in the dark by blind staff, is perfectly safe. In six years, there hasn’t been a single incident at the original in Paris. [NY Daily News]

Los Angeles food stylist Adam C. Pearson was pulled out of his seat on a Delta flight after another passenger reported him for suspicious behavior due to his “Atom Bomb” tattoo. [LA Times]

A roundup of the city’s best doughnuts includes Peter Pan Donut Shop’s Red Velvet Cake doughnut in Greenpoint, and Balthazar Bakery’s pumpkin doughnut. [NY Post]

It’s truffle and mushroom season. Get in on it at Annisa with an appetizer featuring hen of the woods, or at The Harrison with grilled oyster mushrooms. [NY Post]