A History of Banned Drinks; Mike Tyson to Launch Kosher Resto Chain


Sen. Charles Schumer has called for a ban on reusable grocery bags because some contain “five times the allowable limits for lead.”
[NY Post]

A total of 11 out of 28 Bronx bodegas were caught in a sting selling the controversial caffeinated cocktail in a can Four Loko to minors.
[NY Post]

Meanwhile, to put the issue in perspective: a history of banned drinks. Remember when people thought absinthe could make you crazy?

Delta Air Lines’s new dining options at John F. Kennedy International Airport include not only big-name chefs like Andrew Carmellini and Jason Denton but also iPads.

Did Italian pasta come from China? According to Italian chefs in Hong Kong last week for the 2010 Italian Cuisine World Summit, hell no.
[Wall Street Journal]

Former boxing heavyweight champ Mike Tyson is in talks to launch a high-end restaurant chain. Tyson, now a strict vegan, hopes to break into the kosher-food business.
[FOX Sports]