Be An Extra In An NYC-Shot, Tom Scharpling-Directed New Pornographers Video This Friday


The last video writer/director/radio host/comedian Tom Scharpling directed in 2010 involved Ted Leo, Julie Klausner, John Hodgman, and a decoy fake musical in the spirit of Green Day’s American Idiot. The clip convinced a few hundred thousand people to listen to New Jersey punk rock for a few minutes, and that is always a good thing. Success on that scale also probably puts Scharpling ever more in demand as a director, and so it is no surprise that the WFMU stalwart is returning to work similar magic for Leo’s fellow Matador artists New Pornographers. And, just like before, you can be in the video too. As per Facebook:

We need you to be an extra in Tom Scharpling’s music video for the New Pornographers. If you can commit to be on our set in downtown Manhattan on Friday from 8am to 1pm then RSVP to this event. We’ll respond with a message to let you know the address and what to wear.

Last time attendees were instructed to wear their “finest theater-going or punk-rocking attire” and were forced to throw roses at Leo’s band, so maybe don’t RSVP unless your closet game is half decent and your flower-chucking game is on point.

Be An Extra In Tom Scharpling’s New Pornographers Music Video! [Facebook]