Diesel Models Corrupt New York Transit Museum With “Scandalous” Panty Shoot


Semi-nude Diesel models have been offending people all over town with their unmitigated, partially clad sexiness! (Not offended: the New York Post, which has covered this story for at least 3 days.) First it was at Brooklyn Law School, where a photo shoot totally irritated a bunch of nerdy students who were “just trying to study.” And now, the models have taken over the New York Transit Museum, where they posed on decommissioned subway cars for a shoot.

Because, when it comes down to it, the two top places you want to be practically nude are a law library and a subway car. Scintillating.

Fortunately, the photo shoot at the Transit Museum — which included photos of women flashing (innovative!) in their color-coordinated bras and panties and “close-ups of the crotches of two men in skintight undies” — was closed to protect the innocent eyes of the public. In addition, it was really a public service, bringing in much needed revenue for the museum to keep operating, explained MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan to the New York Post. Mmm hmm.

Members of the public, including those stickler law students and dean, are “shocked and mortified” about all this blatant bad taste in our midst (matching your bra and panty is so declasse!). But we’re mostly just confused. Diesel makes underwear?