Fran Lebowitz Sort of Comes Out


Acerbic wit Fran Lebowitz is the star of Public Speaking, the Martin Scorsese-directed documentary about her invariably funny take on things, which will debut Monday on HBO.

It’s a terrifically entertaining romp, and Fran even manages to almost sort of finally seem to come out as a lesbian at last.

When discussing gay rights, she says it’s weird that gay people are fighting to marry and be in the armed forces — those seem like the antithesis of freedom, she says, adding that they’re not rights she particularly wants for herself (though she’d vote for them since other people want them so badly).

Fran seems to be including herself in the realm of “gay people” as she talks about this subject.

This isn’t exactly the shock ending of Scorsese’s Shutter Island, but it’s an advance, no?