Greg Ruggiero, Turkey-Saving Staten Island Man, Should Probably Buy Stock in Butterball


Here is a very special holiday-themed Adorable Animals in Trouble, assuming you consider turkeys “adorable.” A Staten Island man, Greg Ruggiero, has found it in his heart to help out the much-maligned wild turkeys of his neighborhood — the ones who are always being hated on by residents for holding up traffic when they cross the street, not to mention roosting in trees and pooping on cars.

While officials consider what to do with the turkeys — including, possibly, “harvesting” them to feed to needy families, Ruggiero has stepped in with a plan. He says he’ll give one Butterball turkey for each wild turkey that lives to see another day/poop on another car. Ruggiero will also donate $5,000 for the turkeys to be humanely transported to a safe, new home.

Adding to the confusion about what to do with the turkeys is the fact that they’re probably not fully wild, and not fully domestic either. They don’t fit in…anywhere!

“My heart goes out to them because they can’t fend for themselves,” Ruggiero said.

Aw. (Turkeys, by the way, don’t actually frequent Ruggiero’s own block, but he has seen them on walks and such.)

Feeling the turkey spirit, yourself? You can write to Mr. Ruggiero, who, given enough interest, may start a charitable pro-turkey organization, at

We could have used his enthusiasm when all those geese were being gassed this summer. R.I.P., Sticky.

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[via SILive]