Hungry for Another App? Zagat Hopes So. Its New One Follows Food Trucks.


Zagat may have missed its opportunity to capitalize on the World Wide Web (much to the disappointment of its investors), but it’s still trying to keep up with social networking 3.0 with its latest app., now available in beta, plots the real-time locations of New York’s trendiest food trucks.

The decision to launch the app came after the results of Zagat’s 2011 New York City Restaurants Survey rolled in: 26 percent of surveyors said they eat from gourmet food trucks and 40 percent said they were interested in trying them. The app currently follows 29 trucks, all of which would be considered “gourmet.” In other words, no Jamaican Dutchy or Biryani Cart. But then, you don’t need a fancy app to find them, anyway.