In Soviet Russia, DOG Name YOU!


In contemporary Russia, INTERNET name DOG. Yes, the Prime Minister of Russia, one Mr. Vladamir Putin, has absolved himself of the responsibility of renaming his new Bulgarian shepherd puppy — previously: Yorgo — and in an unlikely twist, hoisted such a duty upon his fellow countrymen of Mother Russia.

Via Russia Today:

Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters on Tuesday evening that the Prime Minister has decided to rename the puppy, originally named Yorgo, but has not yet come up with a new name. Thus, all Russians can submit dog names via the Internet and Putin will look though them all, the press secretary said.

As such, we thought we’d help our neighbors-from-where-we-stand-in-Alaska come up with some ideas:

  • Дейзи.
  • Лола.
  • Снежок.
  • Чернобыльской.
  • КГБ.
  • Владимир Пса-в.
  • Клиффорд Красный.
  • Krazy Иван.
  • DJ Влад.
  • Абсолют.
  • Суитпея.

Thankfully, Putin lives in 2010, where the internet will help me get these to him. Also, in Soviet Russia, POOPER scoop YOU. Thank god for this modern world, right?