Paul McCartney Is Playing The Apollo, And You Probably Can’t Go


Yes, that’s right — showtime at the Apollo, starring Sir Paul, vocalist for what is, as I type this, the 56th most popular song on iTunes (“Let It Be”). “The legend plans to perform selections from his solo career and other familiar tunes,” the venue promises, on December 13. Sounds awesome. Just one catch, though.

Namely, that this is “an exclusive, invitation-only concert for SIRIUS XM listeners.” They are celebrating reaching 20 million subscribers, you see, with a bunch of tie-in shit (they’ll be broadcasting the concert live, too) surrounding the ongoing McCartney reissue project currently pimping 1973’s Band on the Run. Details here, and good luck scamming your way into this thing. If only MJ were still alive, they could duet on “The Girl Is Mine.”