Prince William and Kate Middleton Engaged at Last, Bristol Palin’s Mysterious Dancing Success, and Other Morning Links


• At long last, after 8 years of dating, Prince William has proposed to Kate Middleton! The two are engaged with a wedding set for 2011. The Telegraph kindly points out that next year, at 29, Kate will be the “oldest spinster” ever to snag a future king. Wills proposed in Kenya last month after asking Kate’s father for permission. Later today Kate will show off her ring, and the “first ever interview with the pair” will be on TV tonight. Let the media frenzy begin! [Daily Mail]

• Viewer votes keep saving Bristol Palin from getting cut on Dancing With the Stars, even though she continues to have the worst scores from the judges time after time. But why, the Washington Post asks. Could it be…political?

• Backers of the 9/11 health care bill, which would give some $7.4 billion in aid to people who became ill from World Trade Center dust after the September 11 attacks, are making a last-minute push for it in the Senate. (It passed in the House in September.) [NBC NY]

• A House ethics subcommittee will press on with deliberations today on the 13 ethics counts against Rep. Charlie Rangel, who walked out of his hearing yesterday saying he hadn’t had enough time to raise money to hire a lawyer. He was not given a postponement, and it was determined that “the facts in the case were so clear that witnesses were not necessary.” [NY1]

• Alaskan Sen. Lisa Murkowski has a 1,706 vote lead over GOP nom Joe Miller, at current write-in vote tally. Some 7,000 of those votes have been challenged by the Miller team, and 600 or more ballots from overseas/military addresses may still be submitted. [NYT]

• Dutch forensic scientists are testing a bone fragment found in Aruba to determine whether it belongs to Natalee Holloway. [Yahoo]

• There’s a rally today in the East Village to save the historic townhouses (hailing from 1840) at 326-328 E. Fourth St. between Avenue C and Avenue D, which are otherwise destined to become…condos. [EV Grieve]

• R.I.P., ice rink at Battery Park City. We hardly even knew you. [DNA Info]