Say Goodbye to Caffeinated Cocktails in a Can; Disneyland’s Latest Thrill Is Mixology


The coffee cocktails at the Randolph at Broome are well made and not cloying, bringing new cred to the genre.
[NY Times]

New York’s largest beer distributors have agreed to stop selling caffeinated alcoholic drinks like Four Loko due to insufficient proof that they’re safe.
[Wall Street Journal]

This Thanksgiving, why not opt for apple or pear cider with your turkey? Opt for funky Basque sidras or French cydres.
[NY Times]

This holiday season, drink from a magnum, which allows a wine to age slower than in a 750-ml bottle. Bar Boulud and Anfora are among wine bars doing magnums this season.
[Wall Street Journal]

Now you can get a craft cocktail at the happiest place on earth. Disney parks have rolled out a new drinks menu, including the Raspberry Rain Cocktail and Superfruit Martini.

As Turkish winemaking takes off, a handful of wine bars and shops have recently opened in Istanbul, offering a chance to sample local wines.
[NY Times]

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