Will the “Pee Your Pants for Freedom” Movement Take Hold?


People on both sides of The Full Body Scan Situation currently being instituted at American airports are very upset! Some feel as if their privacy is being invaded. Others feel that those people are just whiners. And many are opting out of the arguably very intrusive scans, having to receive a full-body pat-down from the TSA instead. How can traveling Americans protest?

By pissing the TSA off. Literally.

Of course, the writer of said Tweet, ad man and justice vigilante Matt O’Rourke, was only joking.

But still, you have to wonder:

1. Given the current widespread animus towards the TSA and the nature of the internet to give rise to the dumbest ideas in fully-fledged sincerity, if this could actually take off (pun unintended).

2. And what a TSA screener would do if this happened.

Chances are — since they do wear latex gloves, after all — that they’d continue with the patdown, and then let you deal with your own pissed-in pants and the life you lead as someone who pisses themselves as a manner of protest regarding something like airport security.

But still, once you get over the disturbing part of a grown person pissing themselves, it’d definitely be fun to watch. So much as it didn’t make anyone late to their flights, of course.