With the Holiday Food Experiment, the Brooklyn Food Experiments Return Dec. 5 – And Will Go National Next Year


Aside from an appearance at the Farm City Fair in September, the Brooklyn Food Experiments have been simmering at a low burn for awhile. But on Sunday, Dec. 5, they’ll come to a boil once more with the Holiday Food Experiment, which will see home cooks gather at the Bell House to exercise their competitive bloodlust with ingredients ranging from egg nog to (we hope) Christmas hams. Ticket and entry information can be found here.

The Holiday Experiment’s expansive theme is a harbinger of what’s in store for the series next year: its organizers, Nick Suarez and Theo Peck, are taking their show on the road with a national tour that will make stops in Miami, Boston, D.C., Philadelphia, and Austin — and, fittingly, Brooklyn. Between them and Matt Timms, there soon won’t be an urban center left untouched by New York’s particular brand of gastronomic cagefighting.