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“Bah, Humbug!” to Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular


For years, I was invited to The Radio City Christmas Spectacular and wrote glowing reviews praising its dazzling entertainment and expensive holiday uplift.

I loved the 3-D Santa’s sleigh ride that opens the show and the astounding Rockettes numbers, from the one where they appear as hundreds of dancing Santas to their amazing human dominoes routine that’s a marvel of discipline and style.

I even got through the Living Nativity.

The show turned me into a kid again year after year, and I adored it so much that last time I brought three nuns to see it.

And suddenly, I’ve been axed off the press list!

I didn’t get an invitation this year, for no good reason!


Who deserves to watch this show more than I do?

On my suggestion, those nuns are currently praying for everyone on the stage — and behind the scenes, too — to burn in hell by the year’s end.