Felix Lanting: 83-Year-Old Staten Island Doctor, Secret Drug Kingpin


In real lives that sound like potential HBO series: Felix Lanting, an 83-year-old doctor, was arrested yesterday by police for running a large-scale narcotics operation out of his home medical offices. Dr. Lanting operated his facility out of the first floor of his Staten Island home, where 50 to 100 “patients” a day would come to get their fix. Since April, the good doc has apparently written 3,029 prescriptions for Oxycodone.

The craziest part of this story (besides an 83-year-old doctor being a drug kingpin) is the complex system patients had to go through to get their happy pills. Dr. Lanting always had two bouncers standing outside of his door. They protected the offices and, like all criminal goons worth their shady salt, had their own business on the side.

The New York Post reports:

The bouncers also recruited their own patients, to whom they gave $200 to purchase prescriptions from Lanting, feds allege.

The bouncers then gave the patients an additional $300 and the name of the pharmacy where the script could be filled, feds add.

When the patient returned with the prescription pills and handed them over to bouncers, they would be offered either $500 or 50 Oxycodone pills as payment, according to court papers.

Dr. Lanting, who’s now out on bail after posting a $100,000 bond, is five years past the average U.S. life expectancy. One can only imagine what type of craziness he got himself into during his “rebel teenage years.”