It’s Your Chance for a Bed Bug Christmas Miracle!


Giving presents during the holiday season is a cherished pastime that will never fade. But giving bedbugs to someone is definitely not festive in any way, shape, or form. In the unfortunate case that someone has given you the “present” of bedbugs and you’re broke from spending all of your money buying real presents for people — or simply would prefer to receive a gratis bed bug treatment (who wouldn’t?), there is help in sight. Bed Bug Central is giving out charitable bed bug services to those who need it.

As Jeff White of Bed Bug Central explains in the video, “The cost of bedbug service is actually very expensive. You’re looking at an $800 to $1,200 charge for a two-bedroom apartment. And when you get someone in a rough situation or time in their life, when they’re trying to feed their family, how can you look at someone and expect them to pay those kind of prices?”

Applicants can apply on the website by writing a 300-word essay. The topic is simple: just explain why you or your facility could use charitable bed bug treatments for the holidays. This should write itself, really. Exterminations happen on December 12th and 19th, so apply as soon as you can!