Judith Griggs’ Last Stand?


The Cooks Source saga appears to have drawn to a close with editor Judith Griggs’ final meditation on the copyright fiasco. There’s an apology (albeit a defiant one, and in desperate need of some copyediting) to writer Monica Gaudio, but mostly it continues the not-so-sob story of how people have been really, really mean.

“Since then, we have had so much hate email (over 400 pieces) , [sic] phone calls and regular mail. My advertisers too, have been so harassed that it has all muddies up the waters as to what the real situation is. I took the site downbecuase [sic] someone threatened to go to all the distribution spots and destroy the new issue, also to protect my advertisers,” writes Griggs.

Fair enough, no one wants to receive hate mail. Yet what’s most ironic about the posting is that she concludes by writing, “To one writer in particular, Monica Gaudio, I wish you had given me a chance.”

Because if we recall what happened at the beginning, Gaudio had proposed that Griggs amend the situation by writing a formal apology online and in the magazine and donating $130 to Columbia Journalism School. If that’s not a chance, I don’t know what is.