Robert Sietsema at Donatella


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema has a lot of love for the pies at Donatella: “Of all the places in town making the laughable assertion that they’re re-creating ‘the true pie of Naples’ (some even have a certificate from Verace Pizza Napoletana to prove it!), Donatella’s comes closest.”

Sam Sifton enjoys Hurricane Club, which “might not be the best, the most interesting or the most important new restaurant in town. It may not prove to be the longest lasting. But it is among the most enjoyable places to open in recent months. It is also a fine remedy for the blahs and blues of encroaching winter.”
[NY Times]

Adam Platt is unimpressed with Lincoln: “Will [Jonathan] Benno eventually whip his gleaming, futuristic ship into shape? Maybe… But right now, it feels more like a curious, slightly diverting way station, a place for the midtown cultural hordes to stop and gawk (and complain about the prices) before moving on to a night at the opera or ballet.”
[NY Magazine]

Steve Cuozzo raves over Bar Basque, despite fears of its demise: “Bar Basque is heartbreak in the making. In an eye-popping room, it’s serving some of the finest Spanish Basque country-inspired cuisine in town. It has a sweet and smart floor team and, for the moment, energy and crowds to spare.”
[NY Post]

Ryan Sutton describes Riverpark as the latest hot spot for doctors from the Bellevue, where “a $55 chicken for two comes with a crazy-rich gravy boat for French fry dunking; a $14 cheddar burger collapses into a salty, beefy fantastically satisfying crumble.”

Gael Greene gets carded at Brooklyn Bowl yet returns: “I wanted more of the fabulous eats. Junk food. Comfort food. I craved that burger. And a crusty fried chicken thigh.”
[Insatiable Critic]