Waiflike Dick Cheney Shows Off Results of “Heart Surgery Diet”


The proof is in the pudding. Or, the lack thereof. Former VP Dick Cheney showed up at a groundbreaking ceremony for George W. Bush’s planned presidential library in Dallas yesterday, and…he is crazy skinny. Like, Lindsay-Lohan-dating-Sam-Ronson-skinny. Or Rachel Zoe pre-baby-bump skinny. Somewhere, Kate Moss is impressed.

This is the first time Cheney has been seen out at a major public event since his heart pump implant surgery in July. During his introduction of George W., he kissed a bit of former presidential butt, mocked Obama, and then walked off the stage using a cane, excusing himself “early from the proceedings.”

Hollywood, sit up and take note. This sounds way better than that nasty old baby food diet. And you have the added benefit of still being able to chew your food. Of course, you also have to have had a bunch of heart attacks but…no pain, no gain!