Yep, the Subway Is Slower; Google’s Fashion Site, Boutiques, Launches…Plus More!


• Subway lines are running slower, according to new stats. The 1, 2, N, and Q are 5 percent slower compared to last year, and the 5, 6, M, and N “saw decreases around 4 percent.” The MTA says this is a temporary problem. Well, at least we have the F. As for fares, yes, they will be higher starting December 30. [NYP]

• Germany has upped security due to a heightened threat of terrorism (including “a new situation”) in the country. There was apparently a tip from another country about an attack planned for the end of November. [NPR]

• Google has finally launched that “personalized” fashion site. It’s called Boutiques, and at first glance, it looks…like a lot of other fashion sites, except with a style personalizer that kept offering us the most hideous of duds to find that we are “Street.” Hm. Still, a fun use of 15 minutes, and presumably it gets better when you find things you like. Currently it’s U.S. and women’s fashion only. Sorry dudes. [Mashable]

• According to a new CBS News poll, 4 in 5 people actually support the full-body airport scanners that have lead to such controversy. [CBS]

• After New Jersey Governor Chris Christie killed the commuter rail tunnel idea, the Bloomberg administration is working on a plan to run the 7 train under the Hudson, from from 34th Street to Secaucus, New Jersey. This would be the first time the New York City subway has ever left New York City. [NYT]

Continuing a trend, union protesters outside of the Maritime Hotel have conjured the force of “metaphoric” bedbugs to get back at “blood-sucking” management behaviors (not actually bedbugs). Because rats just aren’t scary enough nowadays. [Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York]

• Here’s a name to add to your list of who’s not running for president in 2012: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. He says he’s got more work to do in his own state. [Politico]