Bernie Madoff’s Ex-Employees Arrested; Meg Whitman Pays Housekeeper; Judd Apatow Films on Broome Street…and More!


• Two women have been arrested by FBI agents in connection to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Joanne Crupi and Annette Bongiorno (Madoff’s secretary, who owns a $2.6 million mansion in Boca Raton) were both arrested at their homes in, respectively, New Jersey and Florida, this morning. Both had been employed by Madoff for more than 25 years; lawsuits alleged they “knowingly participated in the fraud.” [NBC NY]

• Meanwhile, the Lipstick Building, where Madoff had his offices, is bankrupt. [WSJ]

• Swedish prosecutors are seeking an arrest warrant for Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, for questioning on rape charges and other offenses. [NYT]

• According to German Federal Police, a suspicious piece of luggage containing batteries, wires, and a clock, was found in Namibia on its way onto a plane headed for Germany. A Namibian journalist says it was a false alarm, however, and that “it was no more than a carton full of old dirty clothes, possibly belonging to some tourists who didn’t want to pack it in their suitcase.” Experts are investigating. [CNN]

• Meg Whitman, former California gubernatorial candidate and former eBay chief who spent $145 running (and lost) has agreed to pay $5,500 to her former housekeeper, illegal immigrant Nicandra Diaz Santillan, who she fired after 9 years of service. Whitman did not admit to back wages owed, however. [Politico]

• The arrested, handcuffed, leg-iron-bound man who escaped in a police car by driving with his knees has been arrested (again), this time in Connecticut. They found him by tracing his cell phone calls. Whoops. [NYDN]

• Hey, you can actually tweet or post to Facebook or live blog at Bill Clinton’s upcoming address at Dreamforce (a business and technology conference) in San Francisco, despite a story published about a “no Twitter” prohibition at the event. However, the speech is to closed press, so that’s only if you can get in. [The Cutline]

• Fame-whore alert: Judd Apatow is filming an HBO pilot (written by Lena Dunham of Tiny Furniture fame) on Broome Street today. [Bowery Boogie]