Bristol Palin Semi-Apologizes for Willow’s Homophobic and Illiterate Slurs


In a new twist on a fiery Facebook drama, abstinence-loving Bristol Palin has stepped in to apologize for her sister Willow Palin having called a guy who’d derided mama’s Alaska show an f-word.

But her apology is even more half-hearted than her sexual politics.

First off, she doesn’t apologize for the hate language, she only says they shouldn’t have responded to negative comments.

That response is carefully designed to avoid taking a stand on what was actually said in weeping Willow’s exchange.

And in the same breath, Bristol turns this into a plug for another crap show the family’s involved in — Dancing With the Stars, which she’s a contestant on!

She manages to thank people for supporting her on the show, but strangely says, “the haters” are pulling out all the stops this week to destroy her chances.

The haters? That would be people who toss around the f-word.

Anyway, Willow’s response has been to wisely delete her Facebook account. Her page had so many grammatical errors on it!

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