Burlesque Director Helped Get Hustler for Boy Band Mogul?


Here’s more hustler dish from David Forest, who’s writing a book in which he recalls his exploits as the head honcho, as it were, of an escort agency.

“I thought it was kind of ‘neat’ when a hot, non-escort/non-porn/non-client friend of mine (aspiring actor, loved my concerts and nightclub shows, now grown-up and about to have his first big, big movie success as writer/director of Burlesque) called me to have a boy ‘sent’ to a friend of his.

“(He didn’t pay for the boy. He was just the casting gal).

“Well, the ‘friend’ is now ‘dreaming’ about boys in his Federal Prison cell. He used to manage top boy bands but got greedy. Oh well, Lou.”

And there’s more:

“I personally met one of my hottest celeb clients before he became so hot.

“And, now that our ‘Dance Judge’ is so hot, he rarely calls me.

“Of course, that’s primarily because he’s still seeing the same boy I sent him five years ago. (The boy is by far the hottest/biggest earning ‘call-boy’ I’ve ever worked with.)”

Now who can that dance judge be???? Help me, TV watchers and/or whoring aficionados.