Campiest Actress Ever: Coral Browne!


The great Coral Browne was a noted Australian actress with the following gay-camp screen credits:

She was the larger-than-life actress Vera Charles in the ultimate campfest, Auntie Mame, opposite bosom buddy Roz Russell.

She wore fabulous outfits as Vivien Leigh’s gabby confidante in Tenessee Williams’s overheated jigolo drama The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone.

She was a vicious gossip columnist in a wheelchair in Robert Aldrich’s bizarre tale of switching identities, The Legend of Lylah Claire.

She was a predatory lesbian in the Sapphic melodrama about emotional sadomasochists, The Killing of Sister George.

She was a “female heavenly voice” in the ancient-Greece-meets-Malibu musical Xanadu.

And she was married to Vincent Price.

Case closed.