Cooper 35 Asian Pub Marked for Destruction


Joining the growing line of bars marked for oblivion is Cooper 35 Asian Pub, which sits across the street from Fork in the Road HQ at 35 Cooper Square.

Washington Square News reports that the bar, which occupies one of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood, is set to be demolished by asshole developers who bought the property for $8.5 million. Depressingly but not surprisingly, it’s predicted that the building, built in 1825 by Nicholas William Stuyvesant, will make way for yet another high-rise.

The Bowery Alliance of Neighbors and the bar’s employees are protesting the plans, and circulating a petition to get the building landmarked. Maybe they can take encouragement from the owners of Ruby’s, who have lawyered up and are prepared to take their asshole developers to court.

[Via Bowery Boogie]