Download All The Songs Sampled On Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


Given Kanye West’s total ubiquity these past few weeks/months/years, it’s jarring to realize that his profoundly unraveled My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is not even officially out yet. And yet the Internet dissection is well under way — just as Girl Talk’s All Day (which we can’t exactly endorse) now has a website dedicated to charting each goofy mashup in real time, the folks over at Fake Shore Drive have compiled every track Kanye samples on MBDTF, to predictably amazing results.

Get My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: The Samples here — though potential highlights abound (King Crimson, Smokey Robinson, Black Sabbath, Aphex Twin, Gil Scott Heron), it’s the Mojo Men’s garage-fuzz burner “She’s My Baby” (engine of Kanye’s porn-star-romance lament “Hell of a Life”) that really leaps out at you. Good to see him reconnecting with his Nuggets box set; next time he should sample “Moulty.”