Download: Primitive Weapons, “Politics and Oblivion”


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Though made up mostly of New York hardcore veterans, Brooklyn’s Primitive Weapons are closer in practice to Southern sludgecore delights like Torche, Baroness and Kylesa–everything’s awash in cheerful life-metal feedback and ginormous, instantly memorable hooks. The bands debut, 7, is due March 1 on Shinebox Recordings, the new label started by Tee Pee Records general manager Steve Dolcemaschio (also responsible for YIMBY vets Gay For Johnny Depp), and it’s a three-song sesh recorded in glorious analog at Brooklyn’s Future Shock Studios. First taste “Politics and Oblivion” is a devilish churn full of rolling toms, monolithic feedback, and throat-shredding yowls, all shooting into the cosmos like vintage Cave In.

Download: [audio-1]

Q&A: Primitive Weapons frontman David Castillo

What inspired “Politics and Oblivion”?

The death of my very close friend, Jodi Tilton. “Politics and Oblivion” is about the strange bedfellows the death of a loved one makes. When people gather to grieve and perform their rituals to pay tribute to the deceased, it tends to bring everyone out of the woodwork. These experiences can be very positive or incredibly alienating depending on the people, setting, religious doctrine being espoused, etc. I think for a lot of people death brings back people or issues that they thought they left behind and would rather keep there. “Politics and Oblivion” is about an experience that I had with death that signaled the end of an era in my life.

What can you tell me about recording this 7″

Alex Newport at Future Shock studios handled the recording duties. Doing my vocals in a converted closet with pentagrams all over it was the highlight for me. I didn’t want to leave.

How did you create the logo?

Our logo was created by the very talented TJ Cowgill from the clothing brand Actual Pain and also of Book of Black Earth. My friends from the Brooklyn based clothing brand Mishka turned me on to his work and I immediately knew I would ask him to create some imagery for us. I am a big graphic novel guy and the logo was inspired by Chaos Magick, which I learned about from one of my favorite authors Grant Morrison.

What’s the most memorable show you’ve played in New York?

Probably the Ink and Dagger reunion show in Brooklyn. The venue where it was at, Party Expo, was one of the radder spots I’ve played. It’s an abandoned party store in Bushwick that’s basically taken over by punks on some Mad Max shit. Personally, I did a show with my old band Aeschylus in my friend Katherine’s old apartment on Delancey Street that I will always remember. Nothing better then screaming into your buddy’s kitchen sink.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

Everyone in Primitive Wepaons is into feasting big time. It’s safe to say that we’re all fans of Five Leaves and Walter’s in Williamsburg. Chris and I are also very into Destefano’s Steak House. Justin’s girlfriend, Elena Balleta, and bandmate in I Hate Our Freedom, Scott Weingarten, throw a rad vegetarian dinner party called Nasturtium. I’m Colombian so I love Latin food and go out to spots like Caracas Arepa Bar, Mesa Coyoacan, and El Almacen often. Honestly though, to me, the best spot to eat is at my girlfriend Marisa’s nonna’s basement in Queens. Man that woman can cook some Italian food!

Primitive Weapons play Santos Party House on December 5, opening for Black Tusk and the mighty Crowbar!

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