Facebook Predicts You Will Break Up in Two and a Half Weeks


Some of us break up all willy-nilly, whenever we feel like it. But others among us are predictable. We like to break up at specific times of year. And we then, predictably, like to let Facebook know about that. Hence this fascinating “Peak Break-Up Times” calendar from David McCandless and Lee Byron that’s been circulating again due to, we assume, the breakup peak we’ve got on the horizon. Warning: It could happen to you.

NPR reports that McCandless and Byron surfed public Facebook records to compile use of keywords like “break up,” then constructed the data in chart form.

Fascinating, right?

Of course, this just goes to support what we kinda already knew: People do, often, break up before major holidays (especially present-giving holidays) if they’re in a breaking-up kind of place. And, yet, lots of people also stay together through major holidays, even giving each other gifts. It can happen! Meanwhile, lots of people break up whenever they feel like it, and don’t even tell Facebook about it, ever. And then there are those people who break up with each other on New Year’s Day. Jerks.

But in terms of general, chartable info, this is somewhat fun. It also goes to support the hypothesis that there’s a seasonal element to breakups. Hence, summer flings. Spring cleaning. Fall backs (?). And an entire, amazing montage in Grease 2.

Honestly, we wouldn’t worry too much about this chart and instead just try to have fun with the one you’re with. If it’s not fun, you should probably hightail it out of there anyway, regardless of the time of year. And if you’re already broken up, CELEBRATE. You have nothing to worry about.