South Park Lampoons Food Network and Foodies as Cartman Impersonates Gordon Ramsay


On stilts, Cartman fools Randy into thinking he’s Gordon Ramsay.

Last night’s South Park was a hilarious send-up of the Food Network and celebrity chefs, and few avoided being hit by the satiric splatter.

Left to right: Jamie Oliver, Bobby Flay, Alton Brown, and Mario Batali, as they invade Randy’s cooking show, Cafeteria Fraiche.

Here’s the setup: Stan’s dad Randy has a dirty little secret — he stays up late and watches food TV, despite the protestations of his family. We see him watching crazed representations of Guy Fieri, Paula Deen, and Alton Brown. Actually, these chefs are already such characterizations that the South Park artists don’t really veer much from what they actually look like. (Well, OK, Paula Deen is a little fatter.) As Randy basks on the couch in the glow of the TV tube, we see his hand moving furiously under the blanket and realize he’s jacking off.

Back in the daylight, he goes through all the moves of being an uber-foodie, using all the lingo, and preparing elaborate dishes in the kitchen with weird ingredients, which his family doesn’t even like. Eventually, he takes over as chef at the kids’ school, and the children have to figure out a way to get rid of him. Randy creates a cooking show called Cafeteria Fraiche — and a mispronounced “fraiche” becomes the tagline for foodie pretensions.

Jamie Oliver mainly huddles in the corner and cries.


Stan’s mom falls in love with her Shake-Weight, which ejaculates all over her face to signal the end of a workout.

The gang dress up Cartman — on stilts, with a wig — as Gordon Ramsay, and he starts barking at chef Randy as if it were Hell’s Kitchen. Meanwhile, Bobby Flay arrives to invite Randy to a showdown, and soon the school cafeteria — where the students sit glumly, in anticipation of awful food — is thronged with food celebrities that include Mario Batali and Jamie Oliver, who sits in the corner weeping at the children’s regular school diet.

There’s a hilarious subplot involving Stan’s mom — who falls in love with her Shake-Weight, which splooges in her face every time she shakes it. Here are some pictures from last night’s show — and we should probably all take the satire to heart.

A foulmouthed Cartman, as Ramsay, treats Randy to a little Hell’s Kitchen.


As the celebrity chefs flood the studio, Stan’s dad’s show becomes a mash-up.

Mario hard at work on some shrimp.

Paula Deen, in a screen within a screen, as we watch Randy watch food TV.

Randy flames a brulee, as South Park flames the Food Network.

Stan’s mom elopes with her Shake-Weight to a beach resort.