Steven Slater Rap Is Most Unholy (Video, With Our Sincerest Apologies)


Oh, Steven Slater. We were really rooting for you, way back when. We hoped you’d be different. But somewhere along the way (maybe while you were getting your picture taken with Barry Manilow, or when it was coming out that you quite possibly lied about the crazed passenger who got you so riled up in the first place), we lost faith. And faith is hard to get back. Especially when you do things like this – The Steven Slater rap.

Apparently, this masterwork, “I’m Steven Slater Bitches,” is supposed to be a joke, as he’s “pimping Line2,” which is some kind of dual calling mode for iPhone that we will certainly never, ever buy. Small blessings: It’s only a minute and 12 seconds. That you’ll never, ever get back.

[via AV Club]