Top Chef: Just Desserts Names Its First Winner


The first season of Top Chef: Just Desserts drew to a close last night …

… with Yigit Pura emerging victorious as the series’ very first winner.

Pura, a Turkish-born pastry chef who lives in San Francisco, battled it out with Los Angeles’ Danielle Keene, and Morgan Wilson, a Dallas chef who was widely reviled by his fellow contestants for his bullying demeanor and casually homophobic remarks.

As the winner, Pura gets $100,000, a rather grandfatherly looking silver Buick, and what will undoubtedly be countless Top Chef cross-promotional branding opportunities. His win marks the end of what was a terrifically fun first season, replete with meltdowns, cake wrecks, disco dust, and general bitchiness — and also genuinely compelling personalities, including New York chefs Eric Wolitzky (from Baked) and Flex Mussels’ Zac Young.

Here’s hoping Season 2 will capitalize on the goodwill generated by the show’s maiden voyage, or that Top Chef: All-Stars will at least be good enough to sate our appetites for culinary drama in the meantime.