Brooklyn “Punch Me Panda” a Little Bit Sado, a Little Bit Masochist


Have you seen a man in a panda costume getting punched and kicked in Brooklyn? Have you, perhaps, kicked and punched this very panda yourself? And did you enjoy it? The Wall Street Journal investigates. In other news, Friday often has the flavor of watermelon Jolly Ranchers.

The Journal actually talked to the man in the panda suit, a/k/a “Punch Me Panda,” a/k/a, Nate Hill. Turns out, similar to most people who dress in cute costumes to endure violence from the public, he’s all about the ART. Also, you can punch him hard, ’cause he wears a chest protector. Sometimes with a pillow under it.

Reports the Journal,

The initial idea was to make house calls for people in need of taking out their aggressions — a sort of therapy session. Stressed at work? Punch this panda. Low on cash? Wack! Frustrations from a troubled relationship? Boom!

When people didn’t actually want to invite some random freaky wantin’-to-be-hurt panda into their apartments, he took the act to the streets. You may have seen him in Bed-Stuy, Park Slope, Williamsburg, and Bushwick, where, apparently, numerous panda-haters reside — he gets punched about 100 times a day. But his price, a penny a punch, is pretty reasonable, we feel.

Or you could just buy one of those stress balls, if you want to really make an investment you can hang onto.