Fat Pants Friday: Breezy Hill Orchard’s Cranberry Walnut Square


The Union Square Greenmarket has no shortage of pumpkin- and apple-endowed treats right now, but while we went there earlier this week fully intending to eat at least one of them, we were instead swayed by the unassuming cranberry-walnut square pictured above.

Made by the folks at Breezy Hill Orchard, an apple orchard and cider mill in the Hudson Valley, the square’s vivacious flavor belies its modest dimensions. A perfect congress of sweet and tart, its jammy filling is comprised of raisins, orange juice, and cranberries. The crust is plain — just butter, flour, and sugar — but tender and buttery, and together with the filling encapsulates why the best baked goods are so often the most plainspoken.

The bars are $2.50 a pop, and their reasonable price is reflected by their demure location on the Fat Pants spectrum — they’re a skinny-jeans indulgence, albeit one with big, fat flavor.

Breezy Hill Orchard can be found at Union Square on Wednesdays and Saturdays.