Florida Dance Troupe’s Camouflage-Clad Run Through Lincoln Tunnel a Really Bad Idea, for Various Reasons


Just imagine: You’re in the big city from Florida with your dance troupe, about to appear on BET’s 106 & Park, if you can just make it from New Jersey to the studio in time…and then there’s traffic. A ton of traffic. Freaking traffic. At what point do you decide to get out of your car and run into Manhattan by way of the Lincoln Tunnel?

In the case of Club Envy (the dance troupe), ASAP. So, clad in their costumes — which just so happened to, unfortunately, be camouflage — they made a break for the tunnel. That’s when the Port Authority cops got suspicious.

According to dance troupe (and track team) member, Eternity Odom, via,

By the time the cops caught up with her, she could see the lights of Manhattan, she said. The cops forced her to her knees and drew guns on the second group, she said.

“I knew we were in trouble,” Eternity said.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force was called, the tunnel was shut down from about 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., and the group missed the show (despite being offered a police escort to get there, after all the confusion was cleared up). In fact, they never even got into Manhattan.

The good news is, a lesson has been learned. Reports the New York Post,

“There are a lot of fumes in that tunnel, and we could have passed out or gotten hit by a car,” said Eternity. “The next time we come here, we’ll stay in our cars.”

Just like in Florida!