Jimmy McMillan Sues Board of Elections for Deleting His “Damn”; Downtown’s Most Expensive Condo Sells for $31.5M; and More


• Jimmy McMillan is suing the Board of Elections for $350 million, for taking the word “Damn” (as in, “The Rent Is Too Damn High” party) off his line on the ballot. He’s done this before, for $50 million, but a judge tossed the claim. When all else fails, multiply by 7 and try again. However, it’s not that the Board is against the word “Damn” or anything — apparently the name is just too long to fit. [NYP]

• A man in New Jersey, concerned about reports of a fugitive escaped in Bergen County (who’s since been captured), prepared for a possible takedown by loading his gun…which went off, causing him to accidentally shoot himself in the hand. Whoops. He’s okay, minus the flesh wound and the mortification. [Cliffview Pilot]

• Apotheke fireman Albert Trummer (who can’t help but setting fire to the bar, for fun) has filed a countersuit against co-owner Heather Tierny, who filed suit against him for continually setting fire to the bar. The countersuit alleges that co-owner Christopher Tierney cornered Trummer in the basement, verbally attacked him, tackled him from behind, and then held him against his will in a closet. Um, this whole thing is getting a little crazy. [Eater]

• A suspicious laptop bag containing batteries wired to a clock and detonator, found at a Namibian airport bound for an Air Berlin flight, is thought to have been “an American-made device designed to test airport security” reports the German Interior Minister. [NYT]

• 27 miners are trapped underground after an explosion at a coal mine in New Zealand. There has not been contact with them yet, and rescue workers are waiting for air-quality tests to be done before they go into the mine. [WSJ]

• The most expensive condo ever, the 6,300-square-foot penthouse at Superior Ink in Downtown Manhattan, has sold for $31.5 million. Which is less than the asking price of $39.5 million. Steal. [Curbed]

• In honor of Bowery slang, please call someone a chum today. Or go on a bender. Happy Friday. [Bowery Boogie]