Legendary DJ Headed to Russia


Moscow does not believe in tears, but it does believe in good DJs, so they’re spending many a ruble to import a good friend of mine, legend Anita Sarko, to spin there.

And not only will she spin, but she’ll DJ, too!

Fresh off the Mudd Club reunion down at the Delancey, Sarko will headline the Arts Academy’s seasonal gala “I Love New York” in Moscow, where she’ll have them dancing their tootsies off faster than you can say “Sergey Sobyanin.”

Sarko’s thrilled to finally be visiting her ancestor’s Motherland (original name: Zarko), but she’s sweating the 90-minute lecture she’s slated to give to music business majors at the academy.

Says Sarko: “They’re fascinated that I’ve always been my own manager, agent, and PR person. I guess I’m supposed to explain why they’re not needed or why music business types annoy me. I expect to be instantly deported.”

Oh, please. The woman will take the square out of Red Square so quickly that the Russians will be rushin’ for her to come back.

I’d gladly join her, but I’m afraid they’ll seat me in Siberia.

(Photo by MAO, bustier dress by the Blonds)