POTUS 2012: Sarah Palin or Donald Trump, Take Your Pick


There have been a number of times throughout the year when yelling “Ohhh hell nah!” has been rather appropriate. None more so than recently, however, when Donald Trump announced he would consider running in the 2012 Presidential election. Sure, he’s contemplated running before. But this time it’s different, because he’s actually serious, as are his supporters.

Launched recently, the website Should Trump Run states the following:

Are you one of the many frustrated Americans sick and tired of hearing the same old mundane political campaign promises? Empty promises echo across the nation every four years; stringing us along as we wait for something good to finally happen. Well it is finally here, and it is real. It is DONALD J. TRUMP.

Run by Michael Cohen, Stewart Rahr, Bradley Gerstman and David Schwartz, the website’s initial aim was to track public interest in Trump’s possible campaign. But after only a few days, the site had accumulated over 13,000 hits, leading the site’s creators to believe Trump’s chances are favorable.

As for Trump himself, he too finds the odds to be encouraging. In this morning’s interview with Good Morning America, he discussed the possibility of running for office in 2012:

“I am thinking about things… I love what I’m doing, but it could be fun because I’d like to see some positive things happen for the country. … We cannot let the rest of the world beat us up. We’re like a whipping post right now.”

But here’s the kicker, he even mentioned running against Sarah Palin:

“Don’t underestimate Sarah Palin. If I ran I’d have no choice, I’d take her on. I like her, but I’d take her on.”

What a conundrum. Still a while to go and we already have to choose between Donald Trump and Sarah Palin. Trump finished the interview by clarifying he would be announcing his final decision in June, making sure to emphasize he would be willing to spend “a lot” of money on the campaign.

Capitalism at its finest, ladies and joints. What have you, Naked Cowboy?