The Institute of Culinary Education Launches an iPhone App


Not to be outshone by the French Culinary Institute’s impending expansion to California, rival culinary school the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) has come up with its own item of news: an iPhone app.

The app, which launched today, is best suited for prospective and current students since it features a calendar of upcoming chef demonstrations and events and a photo tour of the school. But it also contains a selection of odd, food-related polls and quizzes (a sample question: “What is Casu Marzu?” Hint: It’s an Italian cheese filled with live insect larvae), and a map pinpointing all the restaurants where externs and alums are currently working.

Now, if only the app would tell us the exact date when alum (and Top Chef: Just Desserts contestant) Zac Young will open his donut shop.

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