With Dora, Stumptown Comes to East Broadway


Caffeine fiends inhabiting the far eastern fringes of the Lower East Side will have reason to celebrate on Monday when Nicole Slaven opens her new café, Dora, at the corner of East Broadway and Clinton Street. The Lo-Down reports that Slaven will be serving Stumptown, and she’ll be serving it with a vengeance.

Slaven’s particular methodology is to brew each individual serving in a Hario 360 one-cup cone, using an 18:1 water-to-coffee ratio to ensure the grounds will be properly hydrated. She’ll also be selling coffee-making equipment and beans so that customers can attempt to replicate her efforts at home. But given the relative lack of high-quality coffee in the neighborhood, we’re guessing that its residents will be more than happy to let Slaven do the brewing.