Flight Attendant Forced to Show Prosthetic Breast During Patdown; TSA Horror Stories Keep Coming


We could probably start an entire blog about the recent wave of outrageous airport security stories as the holidays approach. For those keeping score at home, we have so far: mood-setting freedom fighter John Tyner, the “Atom Bomb” tattoo guy, the screaming 3-year-old, soldiers with machine guns, and so on. That’s just in the last week. Now, add to that the cancer survivor forced to show her prosthetic breast.

Cathy Bossi of North Carolina has been a flight attendant for the past 32 years, but back in August had the worst security experience of her life. Now that the TSA is quickly becoming public enemy number one, her story is getting some attention:

In early August Bossie was walking through security when she says she was asked to go through the new full body-scanners at Concourse “D” at Charlotte Douglas International.

She reluctantly agreed. As a 3-year breast cancer survivor she says she didn’t want the added radiation through her body. But, Bossi says she did agree.

“The T.S.A. Agent told me to put my I.D. on my back,” she said. “When I got out of there she said because my I.D. was on my back, I had to go to a personal screening area.”

There she was subjected to an “aggressive patdown,” which became complicated when the security officer got to her right breast, on which she had surgery.

“She put her full hand on my breast and said, ‘What is this?’. And I said, ‘It’s my prosthesis because I’ve had breast cancer.’ And she said, ‘Well, you’ll need to show me that’.”

Cathy was asked to show her prosthetic breast, removing it from her bra.

The TSA says they are looking into it.

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