Spike Jonze and Vice Founder Bribe Their Way Out of Jail in Yemen


An interesting and surprisingly hip item out of Saturday’s Page Six: director Spike Jonze (Adaptation., the new Arcade Fire video) and Shane Smith, the founder of the once-coke-fueled Vice magazine who isn’t Gavin McInnes, were detained in Yemen while searching for al Qaeda during the filming of an MTV show called The Vice Guide to Everything. Seriously! How’d they escape?

With an $8,000 political bribe, of course:

While documenting dangerous and absurd tales from Mexico to Libya for a series that’s been dubbed ” ’60 Minutes’ meets ‘Jackass,’ ” the crew peppered themselves with $100 bills in case of an arrest. “Most of these places you can bribe your way out of for a couple hundred bucks,” a still bullish Smith told us.

The show starts on December 6 and this is perfect press, so it’s no wonder they held it until now.

Spike Jonze and Vice founder Shane Smith detained in Yemen while filming MTV [Page Six via Daily Intel]