Vatican Insists Condoms Still Suck, Pope Still Prude


Despite the news yesterday that Pope Benedict XVI admits in a new book that condoms can be helpful in certain cases — like for male prostitutes, so they don’t get AIDS — the Vatican wants everyone to know that sex is still bad. A Vatican spokesman said on Sunday (God’s day) that the Pope’s comments are not “revolutionary” and his stance neither “reforms or changes” the rules. Lord-fearing Christian, put that condom down!

Via the New York Times:

Neither was Benedict “morally justifying” the unbridled exercise of sexuality, Lombardi added.

The pope maintains that condom use to lessen the danger of infection is a “first assumption of responsibility,” the statement said, quoting from the book.

“The reasoning of the pope cannot certainly be defined as a revolutionary turn,” the spokesman said.

And yet as noted yesterday, the Pope said in Africa only a year ago that HIV “cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems.” So forgive us for thinking this new stance was something of a turnaround!

“With this, the pope isn’t reforming or changing the teaching of the church, but reaffirming it, putting it in the context of the value and the dignity of human sexuality as expression of love and responsibility,” the spokesman said. And 2 + 2 = unprotected sex.