Why Was the Empire State Building Tie-Dye?


Last year, in celebration of a Grateful Dead exhibit at the NY Historical Society, the Empire State Building was lit up in tie-dye colors, exciting hippies everywhere. This weekend, the colors went wild again (pictured above) but no one can seem to agree on why. Either it’s a “private lighting” or it’s in honor of the Transgender Day of Remembrance or it’s because founder members of the Grateful Dead are back in town. Looks rad either way!

NewYorkology notes that the official word from the building’s management is that despite all-white being on the schedule, the multiple colors were turned on “for a private lighting,” whatever that means.

Don’t tell that to the jam band fans! This Phish message board claims the colors were to honor founding Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, who played Madison Square Garden with their band Furthur. Could they have purchased the colors, hence the “private lighting”? The band’s singer claims on Twitter it was indeed because of the concerts.

Meanwhile, Gothamist floats the theory that the Transgender Day of Remembrance, Children’s Day and Absurdity Day are all celebrated with the colors of the rainbow.

But Phish message board user dudeguyman gets the final word: “During the knicks game last night they played dead tunes going into and coming back from every single commercial. MSG is ready to rage.”